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Our customers work in one of the most challenging and vital fields there is: healthcare.

We do the demanding, but essential, work of building real-time care orchestration and medical billing platforms - so healthcare organizations and professionals can concentrate on what counts.

We operate with ambition and there is a staggering amount of work ahead. That means that you have an unparalleled opportunity to help improve the efficiency of the healthcare system while doing the most impactful work of your career.

Our Culture

Growth is in our DNA, with the highs, lows, and everything else that it comes with.


We move fast, preferring action and iteration to perfection. We also acknowledge that we have a lot to learn. We make mistakes and strive to grow from them.


Our team is full of exceptional human beings and we are committed to continuously improving in order to deserve, day after day, their choice to evolve among us.

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Our mission

To build world-class software platforms that empower healthcare innovators to improve access to care by driving operational efficiency.

Our vision

We believe that the right technology has the power to change health outcomes.

Our Values


As a company founded in 2010, we are still striving for maturity in many areas of our operations. When it comes to our benefits, we periodically revise our offering to be sure we remain current and are proud to compare ourselves to much larger organizations. We don’t ever want coverage to be an obstacle in joining the team.

  • 1000$ signing bonus
  • Generous and flexible vacation and PTO policies
  • Annual wellness stipends
  • Access to telehealth
  • RRSP/DPSP matching
  • Paid volunteering time
  • Flexible hours and remote work
  • Complete health insurance program


  • Quebec City
  • Montreal
  • Regina
  • Boston
  • Paris
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Our internships

Technology, marketing, HR, project management - the internship opportunities are numerous! During your internship, you’ll have the opportunity to do real, impactful work surrounded by great colleagues who will treat you as an integral part of the team.

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We are proud to be a part of these lists but the work doesn’t end there. These certifications testify to our commitment to our team and our desire to continuously improve in order to deserve, day after day, your choice to evolve amongst us.

  • Great Place to Work 2022-2023
  • Great Place to Work in Technology
  • Great Place to Work in Healthcare
  • Great Place to Work for Today’s Youth


Discover our many teams and their mission!

Center of Excellence and Project Delivery

Data Science and Intelligence

Customer Success

Engineering and Development

Finance and Administration

HR and Culture

Infrastructure and IT

Legal Affairs and Compliance

Marketing and Growth

Medical Billing

Product Management and Strategy

Quality Assurance


UX and Design

How we hire

Our customers work in one of the most challenging and vital fields there is: healthcare

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