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We are Orchestrators

We are Orchestrators

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Our Purpose

Technology Can Improve the Efficiency of Healthcare Delivery

Our teams work with healthcare organizations to support them in their digital transformation and orchestrate the continuum of care. Our expertise is in improving the well-being of our community and our loved ones.

Our Team

High-Performing Professionals From Across the Healthcare and Technology Industries.

  • Patrice Gilbert

    Patrice Gilbert


  • Pascal Tessier-Fleury

    Pascal Tessier-Fleury

    General Manager

  • Arvind Dhillon

    Arvind Dhillon

    VP Product

  • Dominique VallĂ©e

    Dominique Vallée

    VP Customer Success

  • Cyrille Mertes

    Cyrille Mertes

    VP Technology

  • Corina Chartrand

    Corina Chartrand

    VP Human Resources

  • Gilbert Boucher

    Gilbert Boucher

    VP Sales

  • Jasmin Mulalic

    Jasmin Mulalic

    VP Business Development - Europe

  • Natalie DorĂ©

    Natalie Doré

    VP Medical Billing

  • Mylène Hardy

    Mylène Hardy

    Director of Legal Affairs

  • Sylvain Collard

    Sylvain Collard

    VP Mergers and Acquisitions

Become Part of Our Team

Petal is the outcome of the dedicated work of experts in their fields who strive to be on the cutting edge of technology and patient care. The company has more than 200 developers, designers, marketers, consultants and experts, and our team members are driven by the same desire: to orchestrate healthcare and improve the lives of people everywhere.

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Awards and Recognition

2020 ADRIQ Innovation Awards

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2020 Canadian Business Excellence Awards

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2019 Prix Québec-Belgique des liens d’affaires

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2019 Digital Transformation Awards

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2018 Telus Health Innovation Gala

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Orchestrate Your Care in Real Time

Orchestrate Your Care in Real Time

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