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Discover the Petal Orchestrator Platform

Connect all key players in real-time and optimize care delivery workflows

Continuum of Care

How the Petal Platform Improves Access to Care

The Petal Orchestrator Platform improves the performance of your health organisation by connecting all key players in real-time and optimizing your patient care delivery workflows.

  • Real-Time Planned Medical Activities

    + 7M
  • Patient Complaints Regarding Scheduling

    - 300%
  • Active Users on the Platform

    + 60,000
  • Hours Saved by Physician in Schedule Management

    + 345,000

Explore Petal’s Platform Interoperable Solutions

The Petal Orchestrator Platform is an ecosystem of data-driven cloud-based solutions that allows healthcare organisations to orchestrate patient care delivery workflows with an accurate view of medical workforce and patient demand.

Patient Self-Scheduling

Offer true real-time patient self-scheduling capable of serving millions of patients and supporting thousands of concurrent systems.

Health Sector

Care Coordination

Transform care delivery operational workflow with advanced prioritization logic based on clinical capacity and patient demand.

Health Sector

Clinical Capacity Management

Centralize clinical capacity and connect the data with the Care Coordination system while allowing physicians and staff to access assignments real-time

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Scheduling for Physician

Create physician schedules for all specialities based on personalized rules and preferences, easy shift swaps and integrated communication included.

Health Sector

Secure communication

Optimize Your Communications with a Secure System Designed for Healthcare Delivery Organizations.

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