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Interns and new graduates

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Whether you're a recent graduate or still in school, a job at Petal is about more than making copies and getting coffee. We believe that interns and recent graduates have a lot to contribute to a company. 

Do you have ideas? We'll listen to them and see if we can make them happen.

A bright professional future

Do you want to grow within the company? As we are growing so fast, the possibilities for advancement at Petal are almost infinite. Show us your determination and your desire to innovate and we'll find a permanent place for you on the team.

Interns Petal

"An internship at Petal is not just an opportunity to learn. It's also a chance to impact the lives of millions of people by improving the healthcare system."


  - Patrice Gilbert, President of Petal

Patrice Gilbert

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Absolutely! An internship at Petal is like a job. You will work on concrete projects and you will be treated as a contributing employee. So it seems obvious to us to pay you for your work (and our salaries are very competitive).

Normally an internship at Petal starts at the beginning of the semester; whether it's fall, winter, or summer, but don't hesitate to apply, no matter what time of year it is!

Yes, many of our interns are offered full-time employment upon completion of their studies.

Even though we are an IT company, we welcome interns from different programs: marketing, human resources, accounting, computer science, etc.

Working at Petal means working in a dynamic, young, and growing company. Follow us on our Instagram account @life_at_petal to learn more about our daily life.

  • I feel valued when I do a job well. I get guidance when I need to improve.

    Tommy Hudon

    Recent graduate - Front-End Developer

  • I can apply what I learned in university directly to the field. Even though I haven't been here long, I feel like my ideas are being listened to.

    Élissa Forget

    Recent graduate - Employer Brand and HR Marketing Strategist

  • I feel that there is confidence in my abilities, I even got a permanent job after my internship.

    Félicia Truong

    Intern - Human Resources Coordinator

I Want an Internship at Petal

I Want an Internship at Petal