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Personal Calendar - Shifts Absences Events
The personal calendar allows physicians to have a centralized view of all their shifts, absences, and personal events, whether they are a member of one or more groups.
Group Calendar - Department Team
With the task view, the group calendar gives access to all members of a scheduled group and all group activities.
Group Calendar - Absences Shifts
With the members view, the group calendar shows the absences and the shifts of other group members.
Absence Management - Multiple Absence Entry

The multiple absence entry allows members to quickly enter absences directly from the calendar, which makes the planning process easier.

Planning Tool - Schedule Creation
The planning tool provides a user-friendly environment for scheduling. The diagnoses provided allow the planner to make the right decisions during the schedule creation process.
Absence Table
The absence table of a group allows the planner to make the right decisions regarding absences of members.
Skills Management
Self-service skills management helps the planner to define which physician can do what kind of shifts.
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"The software automatically builds a schedule with shifts that are more spread out, which positively affects a physician’s work-life balance as they have more time to rest between shifts."

Chief Planner, Peterborough Regional Health Center

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“The support team is excellent! If not immediately, I get an answer within 24 hours of my request.”

Chief Planner, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) in Ottawa

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“The different calendar views are very easy to navigate. I can clearly see the shifts I have booked off, who is working with me during the day and who is available for a shift trade.”

Doctor, Stratford General Hospital

“As a scheduler, I can let the physicians organize their own schedule without having to interfere, and once the shift trades are done, the schedule is updated right away. It’s very convenient.”

Doctor, St­-Jérôme Hospital

“Petal Scheduling is easy for physicians to learn and the mobile application is useful on a daily basis.”

Doctor, Grand River Hospital

“It’s really easy for me to see which physician is on-call and to access the contact information of my colleagues. Everything is accessible from my phone and up-to-date.”

Doctor, Grand River Hospital

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Explore All Petal Scheduling Features

Absence ManagementDetails

  • Centralize every absence request and produce accurate reports.
  • Allow physicians in your group to submit absences by themselves.
  • Produce customized absence reports.

Automatic Schedule CreationDetails

  • Create the optimal schedule quickly, while taking into account your planning goals and variables, including absences.
  • Maintain the ability to manually edit the schedule as needed.
  • Set up equity counters.
  • Define parameters for shifts, members, and work teams.

Real-Time Schedule PublicationDetails

  • Publish schedules to all members of your group with one click.
  • Include schedules on the hospital dashboard (optional).
  • Eliminate the need for printouts and email attachments with schedule access from any computer or smartphone.
  • Synchronize with external calendars, including Google, Outlook, iCal, and more.

Shift Switching, Transfer, and ConstraintsDetails

  • Update an already-published schedules in real-time.
  • Allow physicians to transfer or exchange shifts one-on-one or offer them to group members on the marketplace.
  • Split shifts between two people.
  • View a complete shift trade history.

Personalized NotificationsDetails

  • Configure notifications to your preference and type of information.
  • Send group members instant alerts when a schedule is published or updated.

Secure Messaging and Document Sharing Details

  • Update all information, including schedule events or phone numbers, instantly.
  • Communicate through a secure messaging channel that conforms with industry security standards.

What You Get

When you choose to work with PetalMD, you get the full support of an entire team dedicated to your success. Your satisfaction is at the core of our mission and we support your team throughout implementation, launch, and post-launch training.

Petal Scheduling - Whitepaper - Physicians - Benefits

10 Benefits of Petal Scheduling for Physicians in Hospital Settings

Physicians working in hospitals face unique challenges when creating, managing and disseminating their schedules. They must take into account a large number of factors: absences, subspecialties, fairness, on-call coverage, contacts, personal contraints, etc.

Here are 10 reasons why tens of thousands of physicians have chosen Petal Scheduling to solve these challenges.

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