Orchestrator Platform

Intelligent Orchestration of Care

Connect the supply of care with patient demand
Care Coordination

Care Coordination

Petal’s prioritization logistics are based on clinical capacity and patient demand to improve care delivery processes.

Key Benefits

  • Prioritization of care requests in real time
  • Reduced waiting time for patients
  • Overview of clinical capacity and demand
  • Automation of data collection and centralization processes
  • Optimization of waitlist management

Decisions Are Based on Real-Time Data

With the Petal platform, data contained in various independent systems is collected and analyzed automatically in order to provide a real-time overview of the medical offer and appointments. Making informed decisions based on evidence rather than estimates is easier and more efficient.
Decisions Are Based on Real-Time Data

Connected Systems for Intelligent Care Coordination

  • Appointment scheduling service providers
  • Telephone systems
  • Patient identity management
  • JSON
  • HL7/FHIR
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Connected Systems for Intelligent Care Coordination

Care Offering That Meets Demand

The Petal care orchestration platform connects to various existing clinical systems to provide centralized management of supply and demand. It enables physicians to adjust their appointment schedules optimally, so that they correspond to demand.

Improved Waitlist Prioritization

By aligning care requests with clinical capacity, you will gain a real-time picture of your patients’ needs. This allows you to prioritize care request lists more efficiently, harmonize management processes and reduce patient wait times.

Intelligent Care Coordination in Numbers

By simplifying and facilitating access to primary care, the Petal platform reduces emergency room congestion and eases the burden on overcrowded hospitals.

In addition, it enables physicians, healthcare facilities and government agencies to measure, in real time, the primary care needs of the population.

  • Medical Activities Scheduled
  • Patients Who Benefit From the Technology
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