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Clinical Capacity Management

Having a real-time snapshot of all clinical activities helps organizations respond more effectively to the demand for care and reduce operating costs.

Key Benefits

  • Optimization of available clinical resources
  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Better visibility of healthcare coverage
  • Improved staff satisfaction and autonomy
  • Real-time centralization of data relating to clinical activities

Complete Visibility

The platform generates a real-time portrait of clinical activities and on-call lists for a hospital, a network or a region. The information is displayed differently depending on who is consulting it: medical affairs, call center, physicians, etc. This makes it easier to consult on-call and clinical schedules.

  • To avoid confusion in schedules or having unassigned shifts, we implemented 'COVID-19' tasks on the Petal platform. We were able to easily schedule the work of the doctors in the assessment center. With Petal, everything is in one place. It helps keep everything in order.
  • We took on the challenge of managing our facility’s on-call lists and maximized the organization’s processes. During the COVID-19 crisis, the Petal platform became a central tool in the management of the medical manpower in dedicated units.
  • The Petal platform has made it easier and faster for us to reach the doctors in our network. We’ve also created a virtual documentation centre to share documents regarding the pandemic plan and to identify information about testing for COVID-19.

Patty Aldrich

Executive Assistant, Medical Affairs, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (Canada)

Julien Pierard

Project Manager in the medical department, Groupe santé CHC (Belgium)

Marjorie Pigeon

Administrative Director of Medical Services, Vitalité Health Network (Canada)

Clinical Capacity Management in Figures



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Success Story: Hawkesbury General Hospital

Clinical Capacity Management in Figures

  • Medical Activities Planned
    + 7M
  • Physician Shift Exchanges Performed in Real
    + 400,000
  • Users
    + 50,000

Case Studies

Groupe santé CHC

Groupe santé CHC

See how the six hospitals in the CHC care network have maximized the management of their clinical capacity and thus improved the quality of care
Download the Case Study

Streamlined Clinical Activity Management Processes for All Teams

How Petal helps
Reliable overview of the organization’s clinical activities, such as on-call coverage percentage or medical service workload. A real-time medical solution that improves organizational performance.
How Petal helps
You no longer need to contact the call centre for information on the most recent schedules, to make a change or to communicate with a colleague. Everyone benefits from avoiding disruptions caused by poorly-updated schedules.
How Petal helps
No need to consolidate the schedules of all medical services or communicate changes manually. Now, the work is done automatically and is visible in real time to everyone. The on-call list is also generated in real-time from the schedules communicated by the medical services.
How Petal helps
The Petal platform complies with the most stringent health safety standards around the world. Our solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud servers with many APIs available.
Optimize Your Clinical Capacity

Optimize Your Clinical Capacity