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Communication Center

The Communication Center facilitates inbound call processing and messaging, and coordinates emergency procedures and follow-ups with healthcare providers. Switchboard operators can effectively contribute to care coordination.

Key Benefits

  1. Enable medical and administrative staff to access live, centralized on-call lists anytime – without contacting the call center
  2. Initiate guided emergency procedures for accurate, rapid response when it counts
  3. Customize permission-based views so care providers can focus on information that’s relevant to them
  4. Decentralize schedule management - aggregate, update and share schedules and shift changes in real-time
  5. Get the whole picture for easy procedure reporting – chain of events are logged such as date, time, medical professionals on call and who responded

Key Features

Clinical and On-call Schedule Integration

Live Provider Directory

Direct, Multi-Channel Communication

Emergency Procedure Activation

Audit Trail and Simple Reporting

Store and Forward Communications

Automate Your Communication Process

Automate Your Communication Process