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Communication Center

The Communication Center facilitates inbound call processing and messaging, and coordinates emergency procedures and follow-ups with healthcare providers. Switchboard operators can effectively contribute to care coordination.

Key Benefits

  1. Enable medical and administrative staff to access live, centralized on-call lists anytime – without contacting the call center
  2. Initiate guided emergency procedures for accurate, rapid response when it counts
  3. Customize permission-based views so care providers can focus on information that’s relevant to them
  4. Decentralize schedule management - aggregate, update and share schedules and shift changes in real-time
  5. Get the whole picture for easy procedure reporting – chain of events are logged such as date, time, medical professionals on call and who responded

A full-solution suite for connected care teams

Petal’s Communication Center facilitates smooth call processing, provides live visibility into dynamic schedules and on-call lists, and enables swift coordination of emergency procedures – all from one centralized platform.

A full-solution suite for connected care teams

Key Features

The Communication Center is integrated with schedules and consolidated on-call lists allowing operators to see at a glance which care team members are active and which are on-call.

Operators can quickly search contacts by name or specialty, view their activity status (active or on-call), obtain their contact information and connect with providers directly via their preferred method of contact (SMS, pager, mobile) - all through a single interface.

Calls and messages can be sent to healthcare personnel through each physician’s pre-specified communication channel via SMS, pager or Petal’s Secure Messaging app.

Pre-programmed emergency codes and procedures can be quickly activated to guide operators through all steps required to process an emergency, including identifying physicians on-call and how to reach them. All actions and detailed descriptions are recorded for follow-up and auditing.

All transactions, messages and activated procedures are logged including the time, date, operator name and text information and can easily be found using search filters. Detailed logs can be exported for simple reporting.

When physicians are temporarily unavailable to take incoming calls, operators can take and store messages, and forward them to staff members when they are available to make call-backs.

Automate Your Communication Process

Automate Your Communication Process

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