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Organize Physicians’ Schedules More Easily

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Physician Scheduling


Scheduling for Physician

The Petal platform reduces the time spent scheduling by up to 80%, while providing physicians with schedules that meet their requests and are accessible from mobile devices.

Key Benefits

  • Optimization of available clinical resources
  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Better visibility of healthcare coverage
  • Improved staff satisfaction and autonomy
  • Real-time centralization of data relating to clinical activities

Better Work-Life Balance

The Petal algorithm produces a schedule that respects the physicians’ requests as much as possible and the medical department’s rules such as the distribution of night and weekend shifts. It thus improves the entire team’s working conditions.

Key benefits

Simplified Shift Exchanges

Physicians can offer their colleagues shifts through the platform, depending on the permissions granted by the scheduler. The result is less communication errors and fewer delays.
Simplified shift

More Time for Patients

Automated scheduling generates an optimal schedule with just a few clicks and frees up time for value-added tasks. The schedule is created while taking into account fully-customizable constraints. It can be changed at any time for maximum flexibility.
More time
  • The platform automatically creates a schedule with shifts better distributed. This has a positive effect on the work-life balance of physicians who get more time to rest between shifts.
  • As a scheduler, I can let doctors organize their own schedules without having to intervene. Once the shift changes have been made, the schedule is immediately updated. It's very useful.
  • I’ve worked with other solutions. What I like about Petal is that the on-call scheduler has full control over schedule creation and management.
  • It’s very easy to see which doctor is on call and to access my colleagues’ contact details. The information is accessible from my phone and is always up-to-date.

Dr Dale Friesen

Chief Scheduler, Peterborough Regional Health Centre (Canada)

Dr Catherine de Montigny

Chief Scheduler, Hôpital de Saint-Jérôme (Canada)

Dr Sandy Tse

Chief Scheduler, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Canada)

Dr Angela Good

Physician, Grand River Hospital (Canada)

Automated Physician Scheduling in Figures

  • Medical Activities Planned
    + 7M
  • Real-Time Physician Shift Exchanges
    + 400,000
  • Medical Services Deployed
    + 2,000

Case Studies

Case study Vancouver

Vancouver Coastal Health & Providence Health Care Department of Cardiology

See how one of Canada's largest cardiology departments streamlined business processes with Petal automated scheduling
Download the Case Study
Case study Jewish General Hospital

Jewish General Hospital

See how Petal enabled the general surgery department at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal (Canada) to reduce scheduling time and simplify shift exchanges
Download the Case Study

Key Features

Automated Scheduling

Centralization of Time-Off Requests

Shift exchanges

Synchronization With External Calendars

Supervising Physician-Resident Links

How to Integrate Automated Scheduling Into a Department?

  • We work with the department to bring the solution online according to the objectives.
  • We analyze the schedules in order to configure the solution according to reality.
  • We train designated staff and communicate access to users.
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