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Patient Self-Scheduled Appointments

Simplify the patient journey with an online portal

Patient Booking Appointment


Patient Self-Scheduling

The Petal online portal synchronizes with systems in real time, so that patients can schedule their appointments at their own convenience.

Key Benefits

  • Improved patient experience
  • Maximized operational efficiency for the healthcare organization
  • Integration with existing systems is easy to set up
  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Real-time care demand data collection
  • Automation of confirmations and reminders

A Simplified Patient and Service Provider Experience

Instead of sending an appointment request to administrative staff, the Petal platform integrates with the existing system to enable the patient to make an appointment in real time. Administrative staff are no longer interrupted in their work, operations are simplified, and the patient care pathway is improved.

A Simplified Patient and Service Provider Experience

Key Features

The patient appointment portal can be customized to display your organization's logo and messaging.

The appointment scheduling portal can be integrated with various workforce management and EMR/EHR systems. This interoperability allows you to continue to use existing tools.

Reminders and appointment confirmations can be automated. This reduces the risk of no-shows, optimizes the patient experience and improves the administration staff’s productivity.

In networks comprising several healthcare facilities, thanks to geolocation, patients can find the most convenient location that is best-suited to their needs. If a timeslot is not available nearby, they can be redirected to another option.

The Petal platform connects to patient identity software providers to validate information in real time. This synchronization eliminates the need to manually verify patient identities, saving administrative staff time and ensuring patients are matched with the right physician.

  • The Petal self-scheduling tool has helped facilitate and improve access to healthcare. It has also made our staff more available to patients by automating tasks that previously required manual entry.

    Julie Deslauriers

    Director, Clinique médicale Saint-Louis

  • The Petal self-scheduling tool has changed the way we work. Our reception staff now have a more manageable workload, especially during peak hours, as patients schedule and manage their appointments themselves.

    Ghislaine Bilodeau

    Assistant Director, Centre médical Laval

  • The Petal self-scheduling tool did not add any additional administrative work or the need for additional training of our staff. The implementation went smoothly and the patients are satisfied.

    MĂ©decin / Doctor

    Clinique médicale Saint-Louis

Independent Appointment Scheduling Benefits Everyone

A real overview of the organization’s capacity
It’s easier to make informed decisions when you have a real-time view of demand. It helps you know the precise moment when more resources should be deployed in order to see a greater number of patients.
More time for patients
The Petal platform regulates the demand for care. The eligibility and availability criteria are automatically adjusted to maximize the use of time, access to care and time spent with patients.
Increased efficiency and reduced repetitive manual tasks
When patients book their own appointments, more time can be spent with those who need help. The solution also ensures that no patient is left without a follow-up.
Our expertise in security and interoperability
The Petal platform complies with the most stringent healthcare data security standards. The platform is also hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud servers with APIs available.
Facilitate Self-Scheduling for Patients

Facilitate Self-Scheduling for Patients

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