Capacity Management

Nurse Automated Callout

Dive into the future of healthcare staffing with Petal's Automated Nurse Callout. Achieve optimal staff utilization, enhance nursing autonomy, and ensure your facility runs seamlessly every shift.

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Transforming Callout. Elevating Care.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid Response
  • Optimal Staff Allocation
  • Empower Staff
  • Easy Reporting on Replacement Activities

Key Features

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Shift Filling

Quickly fill shifts with the right professionals using Petal's automated shift filling. Broadcast shifts and meet staffing needs effectively.
Mobile-Ready Scheduling

Empowerment Through Choice

Enhance nurse morale and autonomy. Allow staff to choose preferred shifts while maintaining operational efficiency.
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Union-Rule Compliance

Navigate collective bargaining agreements with ease. Our solution ensures seamless compliance, protecting both your facility and staff.
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Seamless Scheduling Simplified

Streamline your staff scheduling processes. Reduce administrative burdens and focus on what truly matters: quality patient care.
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Unified Agency Integration

Integrate internal and external agency staffing pools. Optimize choices and ensure compatibility and quality in your healthcare staffing strategy.

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A Complete Suite To Match Yours Organization's Needs

Petal provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with a comprehensive capacity management solution to optimize clinician utilization and help ensure care coverage.

Mobile-Ready Scheduling
Nurse Scheduling

Nurse Scheduling

Enhance staff autonomy, cut down on overtime, and improve operational efficiency for better patient care.

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Clinical capacity management
Capacity Management

Capacity Management

Aggregate all clinical and on-call schedules in real time, ensuring optimized care coverage across your hospital network.

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Rule-Based Schedule Planning-transparent-
Physician Scheduling

Physician Scheduling

A flexible digital solution to plan and manage physician group schedules.

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