Capacity Management

Nurse Scheduling

Streamline nurse scheduling with Petal. Enhance staff autonomy, cut down on overtime, and improve operational efficiency for better patient care.

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Elevate Your Nurse Scheduling Experience

Key Benefits

  • Optimal Workforce Utilization
  • Reduce Overtime
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Save Administrative Workload
  • Increased Satisfaction


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Effortless Shift Publishing

Publish nurse shifts in mere seconds. Simplify your processes and allow more time for patient care and other core duties.
Mobile-Ready Scheduling

Mobile-Ready Scheduling

With our mobile app, nurses access schedules on any device, ensuring they're always prepared for the next shift.
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Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Prevent scheduling conflicts with our automated callout system. Streamline shift management while ensuring nursing autonomy and team coordination.
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Precision Time Tracking

Enhance accuracy and accountability with a Clock In/Clock Out feature. Eliminate manual errors and boost efficiency in nurse scheduling.
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Quick Shift Fulfillment

Cut down time spent on shift fulfillment. With our intuitive interface, assign and modify shifts effortlessly, boosting nursing staff satisfaction.
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Strategic Staff Planning

Empower managers with data-driven insights. Make informed staffing decisions for optimal resource allocation and enhanced patient care.

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A Complete Suite To Match Yours Organization's Needs

Petal provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with a comprehensive capacity management solution to optimize clinician utilization and help ensure care coverage.

Nurse Callout
Nurse Automated Callout

Nurse Automated Callout

Achieve optimal staff utilization, enhance nursing autonomy, and ensure your facility runs seamlessly every shift.

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Clinical capacity management
Capacity Management

Capacity Management

Aggregate all clinical and on-call schedules in real time, ensuring optimized care coverage across your hospital network.

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Rule-Based Schedule Planning-transparent-
Physician Scheduling

Physician Scheduling

A flexible digital solution to plan and manage physician group schedules

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