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Petal is committed to offering impeccable service by establishing trust with our team every step of the way. From the initial setup to post-implementation support, our expertise, tools, and best practices are available to you so you can focus on what matters most: your patients.

A Proven Launch Procedure

Whether you need assistance for the initial setup, configuration, best practises, migration or customization, you can count on our professional service and their results-oriented deployment processes.
  • We make sure we understand your reality
    What are your organizations’ goals and how will we measure them? After taking the time to understand your reality, we plan a timeline in line with your processes. Our plan is designed to maximize product adoption and goal attainment within a short time frame.
  • Our project is based on facts
    Before each launch, we get an overall view of what will be included so that the project is based on facts. The collected data will vary based on the type of project: organization chart, amount of doctors, user groups, schedule samples, amount of appointments, project managers, systems already in place, etc.
  • We find solutions tailored to your organizational needs
    We put in place the access rights and user accounts necessary to the successful launch of the platform. Different elements are configured based on the chosen solution: schedule groups, recall lists, time schedules, appointment lists, automated reminders, API, data to be collected, etc. The individuals identified at the beginning of the project can then validate or adjust the configuration.
  • We make sure you understand your new tool
    Before going live, we make sure certain key members of your organization are able to answer potential questions. It is an opportunity for our clients to learn more about the administrative processes that will be affected, as well as to request any adjustments to the initial configuration.
  • We make it easier for your staff
    Based on the scope of the project, we implement a communication plan to ensure that all users are comfortable with innovation and how it aligns with your organization’s goals. Once the accounts are activated and the launch is announced, you can start improving your team’s or organization's performance.
  • We ensure your success and satisfaction
    We determine the actual use of the platform and, if necessary, make any adjustments to the configuration. We assess if additional phases are required to further maximize the efficiency of your teams as well as access to health care. You can also evaluate the quality of service provided by the Petal team.

High Adoption Rate

Once operational, our support and client experience team continues to assist with the platform’s integration within your teams and makes sure to provide the tools, service, and value on which you depend to reach your goals.

High Adoption Rate

Excellent Support

The client support team is there for your evolving needs as well as the advancement of our technology. The quality of our services maximize staff retention rates and reduce patient absences.

Excellent Support
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