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Petal Professional Services

Healthcare Experience on the International Market

Our implementation experience in 5 countries and in over 250 health establishments provides us with exceptional know-how.

Combining our expertise in the medical and technical sectors, our teams offer a suite of additional professional services to help your organization reach its goals in digital health and to increase performance throughout its digital transition.

Training and Certification Programs

Whether your organization is implementing Petal for the first time, is looking to add new functionalities, or is hoping to integrate additional Petal solutions, you can trust our Training and Certification team to guide and seamlessly support your transition.

training and certifications programs

Change Management Support

Our Change Management team ensures the sustainability of your projects. From diagnostic to implantation, Petal is there to assist you in effective change management by considering the human impact.

We help you create a shared vision surrounding a project so that each key player understands the issues involved, adapts to the changes, and maximizes their contribution.

Consultation Services for Optimized Workflows

Petalโ€™s technical and clinical consultation services can help determine how your organization can reap the most benefits from our tools all while providing concrete examples of what these tools can generate.
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