Testimonials of Petal’s Success


The pharmacy department of the Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM) has more than 80 pharmacists. The Pharmacy department sought to improve the quality of life of their members and simplify existing processes through innovation of their schedule management. Thanks to Petal, they have succeeded in improving the process of creating and transmitting schedules, which has benefits for the department and the wider CHUM administration.

The Petal Effect

  • Hours saved per year after the implementationof Petal
  • More than 80 pharmacists who see theirpersonal requests respected
  • The Petal platform allowed us to create a flexible schedule adapted to the reality of each pharmacist, while respecting the needs of the department. Petal has allowed us to establish a vision where the pharmacist is involved in the creation of their schedule in partnership with the managers, who are always attentive to their needs.

    Jean-Philippe Adam

    Pharmaceutical Care Assistant by interim


  • Reduction of the manufacturing time of the schedule by 65% in the first 6 months and 75% after 6 months of use
  • Consideration of each pharmacist's personal requests and departmental rules in order to propose a satisfactory distribution of work tasks
  • Autonomy for pharmacists to exchange shifts between themselves and enter requests for leave or absences
  • Quick and easy access to the hospital's on-call list and departmental schedule, which is updated in real time
  • Compliance with departmental equity targets and quick access to shift distribution statistics between pharmacists

CHUM - Pharmacy Department

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Improving Care Coordination with Real-Time Planning