Testimonials of Petal’s Success

Groupe santé CHC

Located in the province of Liège (Belgium), the Groupe santé CHC is recognized for putting the patient at the centre of its priorities and strategic developments. The network has deployed the Petal platform in its six hospitals, each of which has its own and complementary specialties.

The Petal Effect

  • Physicians Have Access to an Overview of Medical Activities in Real Time
  • Shift Changes Simplified Per Year
  • To improve the quality of care provided by our network, we wanted to modernize and maximize our medical on-call duty management. We wanted a centralized on-call list that is always up-to-date and accessible at all times by all physicians and network employees. With Petal’s solution, we achieved our objectives.

    Dr Quentin Dulière

    Deputy Medical Director, Groupe santé CHC


  • Real-time view of on-call physician shifts
  • Simplified communication to reach a physician
  • Saved time and simplified work for administrative staff
  • Faster patient care and improved quality of care
  • Greater autonomy for care providers in managing their on-call duty
  • Data protection through secure communication

Groupe santé CHC

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