Testimonials of Petal’s Success

Jewish General Hospital

With 15 surgeons as well as 23 residents and locums, the Department of General Surgery at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal (Canada) must schedule shifts at two sites, taking into account operating room availability. With the Petal platform, the manager automated schedule creation and provided his team a better view of the supervising physician-resident links.

The Petal Effect

  • 38+ doctors with a schedule adapted to their needs
  • 2,650+ simplified schedule changes per year
  • Creating a schedule for 15 surgeons who operate at multiple sites is not easy, especially because you have to take into account factors such as the operating room availability, residents, absences, types of operations and on-call shifts coverage. Petal has significantly reduced the time I spend planning schedules by automatically creating a schedule that takes all of these variables into account and can be adjusted however I want.

    Jewish General Hospital

    Director of the General Surgery Department


  • Better distribution of physicians at the different sites
  • Saved time with automated scheduling
  • More autonomy given to physicians in terms of schedule changes
  • Unique and centralized schedule that keeps availability up-to-date in real time
  • Easy-to-identify supervising physician-resident links

Jewish General Hospital

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How Did Surgeons at the Jewish General Hospital Simplify Their Schedule Management