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Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services

The Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services is responsible for the organization of the health care network (public and private) throughout the province. Its mission is to maintain, improve and restore the health and well-being of the Quebec population.

The Problem

The Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services wants to make improvements to enhance the user's experience throughout the care journey and increase patient satisfaction. Providing faster access to primary care, promoting the relevance and quality of services offered, reducing waiting times, and addressing staff shortages while controlling cost increases are the main issues that the Ministry expects to address.

The Solution

As part of its 2019-2023 strategic plan to focus on access to professionals and services and to modernize the network and its approaches, including obtaining a comprehensive view of the primary care offer and integrating performance indicators, the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services is pursuing its digital transformation by deploying Petal's real-time care orchestrator.

This technology allows to harmonize and manage appointments with a primary care physician. Its objective is to improve access to appointment scheduling in medical clinics by presenting the user with all available slots, regardless of the appointment scheduling platforms used by these clinics.

The Petal Effect

  • Improved access to front-line care and services
  • Direct patients to the right service, at the right time, to the right person
  • Reduced patient wait times
  • Overview of primary care supply and patient demand across the province
  • Harmonization and centralization of data shared by medical clinics to make this information comparable and usable
  • Prioritization of care requests according to the granting rules to better respond to the patients’ situation
  • Facilitating access to a health care professional for orphaned patients without a family physician

The Impact

  • Centralization of appointments for the 1,300 medical clinics in Quebec
  • Real-time appointment management for 8.5 million Quebecers

Quebec Ministry of Health and Social

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How Quebec Is Using Technology to Improve Access to Primary Care