Testimonials of Petal’s Success

Vancouver General Hospital

With more than 60 cardiologists and 41 other healthcare professionals in four hospitals in Vancouver (Canada), the cardiology department made life easier for physicians and optimized care coverage using the solutions offered by Petal.

The Petal Effect

  • Simplified Schedule Changes Made in Real Time Per Year
  • Types of Clinical and On-Call Shifts Optimally Planned
  • The automated creation of schedules saves us a lot of time. In addition, shift exchanges between cardiologists is much easier. Now that we know the benefits of the Petal platform's online schedules, we would never go back.

    Faisal Aziz

    Regional Cardiac Program Leader, Vancouver General Hospital


  • Maximum and rapid distribution of 49 types of tasks among more than 60 cardiologists
  • Real-time update of schedules during shift exchanges
  • All time-off requests centralized
  • Equitable distribution of shifts
  • Simplification of timetable communication processes

Vancouver General Hospital

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