Testimonials of Petal’s Success

Vitalité Health Network

Serving a population of 241,000 people through 60 points of service in New Brunswick, Vitalité Health Network evaluated various tools to centralize the digital management of their medical activities. After an extensive analysis of the available tools, Petal's platform proved to be the most suitable choice.

The Petal Effect

  • Number of secure communications generated by caregivers
  • Number of employees having access to the medical offer in real time
  • With a mission to excel in improving health care delivery and ensuring the best possible access, Vitalité Health Network is delighted to be able to benefit from a care coordination platform like Petal. Managing medical activities and communicating in real time makes it easier to accomplish this mission.

    Dr. Natalie Banville

    VP Medical Affairs


  • Real-time view of medical activities
  • Simplified communication channel to reach a physician
  • Time saved and simplified workflows for administrative staff
  • Faster patient management and improved quality of care
  • Greater autonomy for providers in managing their on-call schedules
  • Increased data protection through secure messaging