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Patient-centric programs and COVID-19 approach
Mass Immunization Programs

Protect Communities with Effective Immunization Programs

Petal’s technology enables organizations to provide effective vaccine protection to their patients when needed. It mitigates and resolves the management problems of mass vaccination programs due in particular to the scale of the undertaking, lack of access to information or ineffective communication tools.

Optimized Resource Management

The Petal platform provides administrators with complete visibility of facility capacity as well as real-time vaccine availability. This information helps, among other things, to redirect patients to healthcare facilities where demand is lower in order to maximize effective deployment of vaccination programs.
Optimized Resource Management

Improved Patient Experience

The Petal platform makes it possible to support patients throughout the vaccination program thanks to automated and multi-channel communication. Patients are guided through the process with notifications that inform them of program eligibility, appointment scheduling, subsequent reminders and online registration.

Petal technology thus makes it possible to reduce the number of missed appointments, improve the patient experience and ensure that everyone receives the care they need. 


Automated Eligibility and Registration

The Petal platform includes rules and automation engines that ensure healthcare workers are spending less time on repetitive administrative tasks. It has never been easier to ensure that eligibility criteria are met and to enroll patients in a program.

Improve Your Immunization Programs

Improve Your