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Cloud Computing


Cloud environment

Petal’s cloud environment provides secure, centralized access to the data your organization needs to enhance care coordination.

Data Security

Hosted on Microsoft Azure’s renowned servers, Petal follows best practices in cloud security for the healthcare industry.
  • The data is hosted in Canada and is never transferred outside the country.
  • Availability of services (Uptime SLA) exceeding industry standards, guaranteed at 99.95%.
  • No risk of data loss thanks to real-time backups on various servers.
  • Guaranteed disaster recovery plan with full backup testing every year.
  • Compliance with ISO27001, SOC II, PIPEDA and GDP security standards.
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Data Security

Interoperability with your Existing Systems

Our team analyzes the interoperability with your existing solutions in order to maximize the integration of your various services. Cloud-based management of data contained in existing systems allows staff and management to access a real-time picture of key data to make the best decisions for patients.
  • Interoperability analysis customized to your needs
  • HL7/FHIR compatibility for clinical data exchange
  • Customized API creation according to your needs
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Interoperability with your Existing Systems

Best Practices in Incident Prevention

In addition to having our own dedicated incident prevention team, we regularly perform security audits via external companies on all our applications and infrastructure.

  • Thousands of unit tests, end-to-end tests, and penetration tests.
  • A team that can quickly find and correct any anomaly if a problem occurs.
  • Incident procedures with 24/7 monitoring.
  • High standards of programming and code reviews.

Meet your Organization’s Evolving Needs at a Low Cost

With a custom storage service that is based on data traffic and usage, Petal’s cloud solution allows for greater flexibility in meeting your organization’s evolving needs.

Whether from an infrastructure, maintenance, labour or process perspective, Petal's move to cloud-based clinical management also allows for a reduction in management costs so your teams can focus on more important tasks.

Get the Data You Need

Get the Data You Need