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Specialty Care

Ensure better follow-up of specialized care
Specialized Healthcare

Greater Visibility of Clinical Activities

The orchestration platform generates an overview of a given hospital clinic, a network, or a region in real-time, allowing for better harmonization between the demand and supply of care services. This visibility optimizes the human and material resources already in place to reduce operating costs to improve access to care.

Less Call Management

Whether it is for a regular or ad-hoc check-up, or for additional care, our technology automates follow-up requests as well as the appointment scheduling, appointment follow-up, and appointment reminders.

Patients have access to real-time updates of their follow-up requests, thereby reducing their need to contact the call centre. The administrative staff can devote more time to patients.

Reduced Wait Time for Patients

The Petal platform automates data collection and centralization related to clinical activities in order to optimize the management of your wait-lists. This way, your patient can consult the specialist most suited to their needs, and do so within a shorter delay than if the appointment prioritization was handled manually.
Wait Time for Patients

A Collaborative Platform for Specialists

Petalโ€™s secure messaging and centralized directory enable health professionals to easily coordinate follow-ups amongst themselves to provide a seamless experience for patients throughout the care continuum.

The platform facilitates additional care follow-up, the addition of supplementary tests, medical imaging, etc.

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Facilitate Specialized Care Follow-Ups