Care Settings

Referrals and Waitlists

Help patients and specialist to find each other
Patient Journey

Follow-Up of Referrals Across the Continuum of Care

The Petal platform tracks the status of requests to ensure patients are seen at the right time.

It provides network communication capabilities with real-time updates on the status of user support. Tracking a patient’s progress along the continuum of care with updated referrals helps improve the experience for providers, staff and patients.

Simplified and Improved Processes

The Petal online scheduling platform increases the transparency of patient care. It reduces operational inefficiencies and improves existing processes, enabling physicians to see more patients. It gives patients the power to schedule their appointments according to their availability and those of service providers.

Favourable Patient Experience

With a proactive approach to referral management, healthcare systems optimize the scheduling and maintenance of appointments. They improve the coordination of care and provide patients with the right care at the right time, as wait times are shortened and resources better aligned with demand. These changes help improve patient satisfaction and the overall quality of care.

Real-Time Waitlist View

With real-time views of all waitlists, the Petal platform allows you to optimally plan your clinical activities based on the patient’s status and the priority of the request. It also allows caregivers to plan a reassessment of their patients’ health status if a delay in care is required.

See How Petal Puts You On the Right Path

See How Petal Puts You On the Right Path