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Primary Care

Facilitate access to care for one facility or an entire network
Primary care

Less Waiting Times

By simplifying and facilitating access to primary care, the Petal platform reduces emergency room congestion and eases the burden on overcrowded hospitals.

In addition, it enables physicians, healthcare facilities and government agencies to measure, in real-time, the primary care needs of the population.

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A Centralized Care Offering

The platform brings together data relating to the primary care demand of all patients, regardless of the channel (walk-in, phone, internet or other providers).

Administrators have access to real-time updates of their organization’s capacity. They can confidently schedule additional appointments without the risk of duplicating bookings or increasing wait times.

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Forecast Patient Needs

The Petal platform makes it possible to monitor and analyze data, allowing administrators to predict changes in care needs. Plus, they can adjust resources as demand fluctuates and provide patients with faster access to care when they need it most.

More Effective Doctors

With better control of supply, physicians spend less time filling out forms and more time caring for their patients. The Petal platform allows you to define appointment rules that can, for example, automatically adjust patient eligibility based on demand in real-time.

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