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Virtual Care

Let healthcare providers remotely interact with patients
Virtual Care Consults

Patient Experience With a One-Stop Shop

From the initial appointment request to post-consultation follow-up, Petal’s centralized technology offers a seamless virtual care experience.

The patient is redirected to the right resource (nurse practitioner, pharmacist, psychologist or any other health professional) at the right time, according to their needs. They then receive their prescriptions, results or follow-up information all in one place.

Virtual Care That Integrates Existing Systems

The systems in place (Microsoft Teams, Telus Health, etc.) easily connect to the Petal platform. This frictionless integration provides an efficient linkage between the demand for care and the offer of medical consultations. Interoperability takes place in a highly-secure and flexible environment.

Optimized Waitlist Management

By reaching more patients faster, Petal’s virtual tool allows you to reassess your patients while awaiting care. This way, you can ensure that there is no deterioration in their health status and, if necessary, review the prioritization of your waitlists to provide better care.

Organizations and Patients Save Time

70% of in-person consultations can be handled virtually. Implementing our tool makes it possible to reduce travel time, expand patient base and save time, whilst also giving the organization the opportunity to save on costs.
Save Time With Virtual Care

Personalized Support

In order to quickly obtain tangible and measurable results, we work in collaboration with the various teams in place. We ensure that the process flows smoothly during each stage of the virtual care implementation.

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See How Petal
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